Easy way to manage
your digital assets

Wall is the platform that helps you to become a successful crypto-investor through the AI-technology for portfolio management, automated tools and simple guidance.

Assets are held on your exchange or wallet
Transparent management via API
Your data and API keys are encrypted

Available: Web-version & Mobile apps

Transform your scattered assets into great devercified and auto-rebalanced portfolio

Marketplace with bots for index managment and trading

Unlimited Access to all products and tools on Platform. Every product and tool you can connect to your exchange account.

Portfolio builder for creating your own index or strategy

Did not find a suitable product? You can create your own. Dont forget check backtesting and set rebalancing.
  1. Pick your coins

    Choose exchange and pick availible coins form the list. You can sort them by symbol, name, capitalization, or price change.

  2. Check backtests

    Choose rebalancing settings and wait historical backtest, Compare results of your index in USD or BTC with other on platfrom.

  3. Execute orders

    Save your product and apply to connected exchange to execute orders right now.

Set up, get insights and anylize perfomance

  1. Portfolio dashboard

    Simply connect your exchange accounts and wallets or create a virtual portfolio. Balances, transactions, orders and exchange fees all of it will be tracked automatically. Get insights about commissions and your management decisions.

  2. Market screener

    Find and explore new crypto-assets and currency, compare current price, team info, fundamental and technical analysis, news tone of voice. Good structured information will help you to minimize loss and grow profit.

  3. Smart Alert Tools

    We currently monitor all cryptocurrencies for customizable price alerts. Receive alerts on platform, in Apps or Telegram bot 24/7. Realtime price data monitoring across 10+ exchanges, including Binance, Bittrex, Okex, BitMEX, Kraken, Bitstamp and etc.

Key Benefits

  • Automatic Rebalancing

    AI will automatically rebalance your portfolio different ways. You can set your preferences: capitalization, frequency, indicators, or use presets.

  • Transparent

    Management with no intermediaries. We didn’t play against you to charge commissions or fee. All API keys is hashed and we don’t have access to it. You are the only one who can control all your assets.

  • AI Products

    If you find crypto world complicated for you. You can use our products like AI-based indexes, presets in portfolio management, simple bots and compound AI-trading strategy.

  • Beautiful UX

    We try to make your experience of using difficult finance products stressless and more comfortable. We care about you and try to guide from ready-to-use AI-products to your own insight and personal strategy.

  • Simple subscription

    Only three plans with fix pricing model. Nothing more. We want to be a game-changer and try to make decentralised finance accessible to everyone.

  • Completely-cloud based

    Our platform works on cloud servers with a great backup system. Can use your orders and strategy 24 hours, 7 days a week. Smart alert system in case something goes wrong.


WALL has module structure, where all components of the core can not only work parallel and independent but also complement each other and maximizing performance and efficiency for the entire system. This increases your portfolio management experience, performs results and improves the capability to control risks.

Exchange integrations

We connect to 10+ exchanges, take real-time trading pairs, can track coins price and your portfolio. We parse order history to show your trading performance and help you to improve it.


Data collecting

We aggregate and automatically transform historical data, trading activity and news in datasets for Artificial neural networks analysis. And then deliver it into your account in the form of insights and ready-to-use products.


Concurrency Backtesting

We test our products on separate parts of data using wide variety of options and parameters to find the best solution. Then we use cross-validation to test champions and give you the best strategy.


Order management

We build our own order managements core. And now we can trade fast and with minimal latency on any exchange with good API. We win in fight with slippage, and now everyone can use our core to manage their own portfolio.



Find correlations between win-rate and profit factor. Now you can control your risk with smart stop-loss system using AI-indicators.

Concurrency Backtesting


We test different parameters and options on historical data to find best performance to our AI-products.

You can use our backtest module to test your own ideas about coins assets and rebalancing parameters, indexes and strategy, play with wide personal settings to find the best for you.

How it works

  1. Connect your exchange

    Add api keys of your exchanges to the Wall. We will not get direct access to your funds.

  2. Connect or create portfolio

    Connect robo-indexes and strategies from marketplace in one click, customise exist or build your own.

  3. Track performance

    Discover new coins, test different asset allocation, connect tools - find your ideal portfolio.



For tracking your funds

  • Trading history
  • Portfolio analytics
  • List of products and their features
  • Access to coins list

Exchange connections limit:

2 (max 1 account per exchange)


For steady traders

  • All Free features
  • Display trading history
  • Market total coin list
  • Trading bot or neural network connection
  • All indexes

Exchange connections limit:

5 Exchange connected (unlimited number of accounts for each exchange)

We do not provide financial advices. We do not sell or exchange cryptocurrency. We are not custody service. Due to the fact that cryptocurrency markets are unregulated and decentralized. You may lose all or part of the amount of your assets. Be aware that past performance does not imply that future trends will follow the same or similar patterns.

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